Saturday, December 15, 2018

Prayer-a-Day Prayerbook

So, I completed the Prayer-a-Day writing game with my ADF friends this past november. Straight 30, a prayer for each day of the month.
I started with no outline, taking my inspiration for each day's item from whatever free-associations my morning brought. As a result the set is a random mix of liturgical pieces, musings, small charms, and a couple of full-on spells.
I reaffirmed by enjoyment of writing in verse. Almost none of the pieces are straight, rhythmless  prose. I'll admit I loves me some iambic pentameter, though - it fits so well with English structure, even if one isn't rhyming. But my old witchy instruction said to let the spell be 'spake in rhyme', and the business of knotting up words into a net to catch one's desire certainly seems like magic to me. Lacking strings of vowels to howl into the night, I'll take meter and rhyme for power.

I've collected the 30 pieces into a slim book, and issued it in full color with some art and, one hopes, style. Price is low, and this is the sort of content, I think, that you might leave laying around to be seen, without fear of scaring the relatives.

You can purchase the book from Lulu. Watch their front-page for notices of discount codes over the midwinter season