Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Banish Ill Spirits & Fear

When a cloud of fear or a troublesome spirit is upon you this simple charm can clear a way, at least for a moment. Prepare a simple means to light a fire by hand. A match is sufficient or even a common lighter. Prepare the fire in your hands so that it can be lit immediately. Bring the Underworld Power into you. Understand it as a whole and wholesome darkness that contains all potential. Know it to be very different from any darkness or ill that threatens. Recite the charm and, as it ends, call the Bright Power strongly into you as you spark your small fire.

The Charm:

Turn, turn, dark to dawn
Ill be gone, banish fear
Fire and Spear, Hand of Lugh,
Bright and true and clear.

Shine, shine, flame in dark
Kindle spark, growing bright
In my Sight, by my hand
Strong I stand in Light.

Fire, fire, kindled here
Mighty Spear, fly for me
Dark must flee, Shining Lugh
May it truly be!

Draw the Sky Power strongly into you as you strike your small fire. See the Spear of Lugh shining above you, turning in every direction. Hold you flame high and poceed, if you wish, or use it to light a candle for a longer-lasting banishing.

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Chris said...

Very useful. Thanks for sharing.