Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Spell for Fast Cash-flow

Choose an object as the talisman of the spell. Best is a piece of real silver, but a silver-colored dime, quarter or dollar can work as well. Hold the talisman in your right hand, as you recite the charm and work the vision of the spell, thus:

The Charm:
Flow the riches of the river
Glitt’ring gold plucked free
Wealth arises from the waters
From the deeps it flows to me
Fire to form it, shape it shining
Bright now bring it near
Well I’ll wield it, wallet filling
With cold cash my call draws here
Dagda’s Cauldron, Boann’s River
Filled with bounty’s flow
Through me, to me, getter, giver
By my magic, be it so!

The Vision
As you recite the charm, with your vision eye bring a rich flow of Underworld power into your left hand. Gaze into it, looking for the gain it has to offer. Bring a flame of the Fire into your right hand and fill it with your desire and intention. Feel it heating the talisman with your desire. Place your right hand over your left, dropping the talisman into the left hand and making a closed vessel with your hands. Feel the Fire and Water mingle and act, and see the Sigil of the charm shining on and in the vessel of your hands. As your reach the final verse open your hands into a bowl or cauldron with the talisman in the bottom. Hold onto the talisman as you spill the conetents of the bowl out into the world. Put the talisman in your pocket and go on your way.


Linda said...

What would be in the cauldron? Or is that also in your mind's eye?

IanC said...

It's all done with the hands and the vision. I put my two hands together as if to cup water and that's my cauldron, for various on-the-fly energy stuff. Think of my thing of having folks bring the Fire and Water into the two hands for grounding, but the hands are brought together and that's your cauldron.

Linda said...

Ah, excellent. Thank you. I am going to be using this in my 6th night blessing rite tomorrow and wanted to get it down.

My current challenge is finding the right material to make the talismans. ;)

Eremon UiCobhthaigh said...

I think I'll be trying this out. The last time I used one of your money spells I found a $100 bill during our grove park clean-up project. Happy birthday to me that day.

Linda said...

Avery and I did the spell on Monday night in our backyard. It felt powerful and like it went very well. I found some cut out silver discs about 1 inch in diameter with a design on them that had qualities of the sigil you show here. We blessed eight talismans in all. Since then, I have been carrying mine with me. We gave some to the folks in my Ancient Celtic Studies Discussion group, and we put one in the cash drawer of our comic book store.

Well, the day we put it in the cash drawer of the store, we had one of our best days in sales. One of the members of the group went to work that night and had received an unexpected bonus. I also received an unexpected $600 this week, as well as receiving all of my rent checks from tenants this week (ON TIME!), and finally, I completed one level of certification in the sales position I am in, which means I can start earning some serious commissions now.

Thanks so much for this spell. It's very effective!

Auberon Draenen Wen said...


Just did it then got a call for more hours at work!