Monday, April 13, 2009

What I'll Do On My Summer Vacation

At least the parts I publicize... Here are the descriptions for the set of workshops I'll be giving this summer at Wellspring and Starwood, and maybe elsewhere.

Toward A Pagan Mysticism
In this talk we will consider what we mean by ‘mysticism’, as it relates to terms like ‘religion’ and ‘magic’ and how mysticism might play a part in a nature-centered polytheistic spirituality. We will examine a number of models of mystical experience as used in western and Indian spiritual systems, and discuss how each of them might be applied in a nature centered, polytheistic system. Classical magical and mystical methods such as the Holy Guardian Angel, the Beatific Vision and the Ladder of Lights may have a great deal to teach Pagans. We will also give some ideas for incorporating ‘mystical’ techniques into personal practice, and give some preparatory concepts for the Nineteen Working.

The Nineteen Working - A Celtic Pagan Sadhana
“Sadhana” – Sanskrit; a specific practice intended to produce a spiritual result.
The Nineteen Working is a pattern of meditation and visualization based on specific elements of Celtic, especially Irish, lore. It is meant to be performed by individuals, but makes an effective group practice as well. It is based on a reconstructed Celtic Pagan cosmology, which begins with primal Fire and Water and works its way through to the manifest Middle World in the Nine Elements. At the center of the practice are the Three Cauldrons of the inner self, the vessels of the Power of Inspiration in mortals. The intention of the working is to expand personal awareness out of the common self and into the greater awareness of divine nature. By becoming aware of the divine in the world, we become aware of the divine in ourselves, and of its unity with the Great Dance of Being.
The Nineteen Working can be developed over some weeks of exercises, to get the greatest result. Ian will teach the practice as a whole in this workshop. Come with a comfortable seat, prepared for meditation, as we seek to expand our minds and feed our spirits with this Pagan spiritual practice. The material in this workshop is available in Ian’s new booklet “Toward A Pagan Mysticism”.

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Anonymous said...

Will you be presenting these at Trillium this weekend as well? I'd love a chance to hear you talk about it this work, now that I've been reading about it here for a while!