Friday, May 15, 2009

Consecrating A Talisman

I continue to make progress in the ongoing effort (now over 30,000 words for the first 3 moons) to create a systematic approach to Druidic occult training. The first three Moons are, of course concerned with very basics. As I did when I re-outlined the Dedicant material a couple of years ago, I am attempting to begin at the beginning, writing for students who don't have years of familiarity with Pagan, Wiccan or occult ideas. The good news is that nearly everything we think of as 'occult' has solid basis in ancient Pagan ideas. The bad news is that expressing them without recourse top 20th century occult jargon doesn't speed up the process any.
Here's a spell for blessing an object and charging it with the power of (especially spiritual) protection. Later in the system I'll introduce my Wand and Cauldron practical magical formula (see sacred Fire Holy Well), but at the stage where I introduce this practice neither tool has been made or consecrated yet. I needed a simpler form that a new student could simply do. Have a look...

• The Shielding – A Spell to Bless a Talisman of Protection.
Preparation: The Hallows are set as usual, with simple offerings for the Kindreds. In addition to your Hallows, make a circle upon the ground and around it mark the three sigils of the work, thus:

Upon each of the sigils place a small bowl or glass of water, and in the center of the circle draw the Feasting Hall of Lugh, thus:
On this symbol you will prepare a small vessel for fire, in which you will kindle charcoal at the right moment, or scoop a few coals from your main fire into the vessel.
In addition you will need to obtain Three Spell Ingredients:
• Three Rowan twigs or berries
• An iron nail
• A hematite or bloodstone

Outline of the Spell:
1: Hallow the Grove.
2: When you cleanse the Grove with Fire and Water, also cleanse the object to be blessed, passing it through the water and fire, saying:

By the Might of the Waters
Be you cleansed of every impurity, whole and holy for the work.
By the Light of the Fire
Be you blessed in Land and Sea and Sky, fit for the work of the wise.

3: Open the Gate.
4: Make the Offerings to the Three Kindreds, saying:

Now to my Sacred Fire I call the Threefold Kindreds, spirits all
All my allies among the Dead
Mighty and Beloved Ones, stand strong with me in my work,
And receive this offering. (make the offering)
All my allies among the Sidhe,
Red blood, green sap or Spirit Folk, join me on my work’s journey,
And receive this offering. (make the offering)
All my allies among the Gods
Wisest and Mightiest Ones, I pray that your power burn and flow in me
So, receive this offering. (make the offering)
Hold up the object to be hallowed and display it to the four airts. Say:
Hear me, my kin, my allies, my elders, I pray, and make your wisdom open to me, your love flow with mine, your power strong in me, that I may do the work of the Wise. Be beside me, Mighty, Noble and Shining Ones, and give your blessing to this (object), that it may be a shield of protection for me in my magic and my life, for I am (your name and lineage), your true worshipper!
In the Mother’s Love be welcome.
In the Joys of Life be welcome.
In this Sacred Grove be welcome.
And accept my sacrifices!

3: Take an omen to be certain the work is proper.
4: If the omen is favorable, then take up the three spell items and open yourself to the return flow of power from the Kindreds, as you say:

I call now to the Holy Ones to give to me as I have given to you,
As a gift calls for a gift.
Let your power be with me in this work
And let this be a work of Blessing.
That will flow and shine in this talisman.
I open my heart to the flow of your blessing, I, your child and worshipper.
Let the spell be worked true!

5: Take the three spell ingredients and place each one in one of the three bowls of water, so that each bowl has one token. As you place each one, intone one of the conjuring words, thus:

Faire (ward) “FAHRyuh”; Cosaint (Defend) “COsahnt”; Conoi (preserve) COHNee

6: Light the charcoal or incense in the censer or bring out the coals from the main Fire. As you kindle or prep this fire, you place three good pinches of consecration incense on the coals, again repeating the three conjuring words.
7: Hold the object to be consecrated in the smoke of the incense, and anoint it with water from the three bowls, intoning the conjuring words one more time. Take the object in both hands, concealing it if possible, and hold your hands in the smoke, as you recite the charm, thus:

I make this shield to turn aside all ill,
from east or south or west, or from the north,
Above or from below, by word and will,

by Fire and Shadow bring the Warding forth!
By Spear and Cloak, by sun and water bright,

let strength and light and shadow join as one.
By Sun and Moon and by the Fire’s might,

make now my shield, my warding, be it done.

Open your hands and display the object in the light and smoke of the Fire, and recite to it the charge. If you feel moved the charge can always be from the heart, simply speaking to the talisman about its task and meaning. You may also speak words such as:

I call to you, O being of (substance or form) and bid you to be welcome at this Fire of the Wise. By this blessing I bless you, make you sacred, set you to serve at the Fire of the Gods. Be you fit by this blessing for your work, to protect my body and my being from danger and ill, whether by land or sea or sky, whether by day or night, in summer or winter. Let no sprite or spirit, goblin or troll, and no ill-wish of mortal or spirit harm me, and let all beings open my way with favor. Let the Waters be deep in you and the Fire be bright, that you may serve in the work of the Wise.
Biodh Se Amhlaidh!

8: Hold the talisman high in both hands in both hands and know that it has received the blessing, as you say:

By Land, Sky and Sea, by Gods, Dead and Sidhe
Let this by my shielding, and so let it be!

9: Recenter, find you peace, and end the rite in the usual way, thanking all beings and closing the Gate.


Melanie said...

Not that I distrust you at all (I respect you greatly as a leader and scholar), but I'm curious - where are those symbols from? I've never seen them before.


IanC said...

he heh... They are unique to the system I've been building. They are made by connecting the letters on the diagram from the Book of Ballymote called Fionn's Window. One might choose to connect the letters with straight lines, but using curves along the circular arrangement of the "Window" produces these rather La Tene figures. In this way any Irish word or name can be rendered into a sigil. Being an occult kook of sorts I dig this sort of mystification, and was delighted to come up with this method. The sigils in the spell are from the three conjuring words used later - feel free to figure out which is which ;).
And asking a question is never disrespectful in itself - ask away!

IanC said...
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