Monday, January 11, 2010

The Imbolc Charm

In the Belly, Growing!
Hearth Keeping, Earth Stirring
Light Rising, Bread Baking
I keep the Feast of Imbolc!
Bride of the Hearth-Fire, you I call
Lady of the Sacred Well,
Bannock Mother, Font of Sustenance
Take now this offering, here at my Fire.
Bride of the Skills, to you I call
Queen of Poetry, Queen of Artifice
Queen of Healing, Goddess of Inspirations
Take now this offering here at my Fire.
Foster Mother, Cattle Mother
Fire Mother, Well Mother
Beneath your Mantle of Stars
I give you this sacrifice, Mother of Blessing.
Milk of the Mother, Come fill the Cauldron
Let the Land grow soft with your warmth
Let your milk come into the world,
Let me gain every good in the growth of the season
By the Blessing of the lady of Fire and Water!
So, Brigid and all you Powers, I give you welcome at my Fire. Let your light be reflected in my spirit, let your ale flow in my veins. I raise this glass to you, and drink to your divine power. Let me know the health, wealth and wisdom of the Gods and Spirits on this holy feast of Imbolc! So be it!

Offerings: oat-cakes and milk. Work the rite at your own hearth or home.


Grey Catsidhe said...

I really like this. Do you mind if I repost it (giving you credit, of course) and use it in my own rite someday?

Grey Catsidhe

IanC said...

no problem, feel free.