Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nine Moons Study Group – Second Call

The initial group of students for the Nine Moons Pagan Magical Training system will be beginning the work on New Moon of March (approx 3/4/2011).
Qualified students have completed ADF’s Dedicant Path training, and are interested in a focused intensive training in magical arts based in the symbols and ritual patterns of Pagan Druidry. Interested parties who have not completed the Dedicant’s work should write me directly with a short description of background.
The Book of Nine Moons is the primary text for the course, available at:

Members of the list are expected to have purchased the text. It will also be very useful for students to have my previous books, especially Sacred Fire, Holy Well: ( )

This is a second call for students who would like support and mentoring in this system to join the discussion group. The Yahoo group will include support files, additional notes and of course the chance for direct Q&A both with the designer of the system, and with other students.
Eligible students (ADF Dedicants who have purchased the text) can write me at any time to be added to the list. We won’t do this in “classes” – join when you please, and hopefully the list will have students in front of and behind you to chat with.

Put your email in comments, or find me on Facebook (Ian Corrigan) or email me and I’ll send an invite to the private group.

Two weeks until the fire is lit, and the work begins.

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