Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nine Moons Major Update

OK, things are under way. I’d like to thank folks who bought the early edition of the Book of Nine Moons. Little Ian won’t go to bed without occult books tonight…
I have a small group of students working their way through the program, though it is early days yet. Even so, an examination by students has shown me many ways that the material could be improved. Not just the inevitable typos, but actual structural problems as well.

So, what I’m going to do is to withdraw the public offer of the Book of Nine Moons, as of May 1st. The students working the program will continue, and anyone who bought the book and wants to work the system can join the Yahoo group for support by writing me and asking. ADF members who have completed the DP will also be able to purchase the book and do the work. Once more students have worked the system, I’ll probably reissue it as a public offering, though there’s a chance that it will remain an in-house publication of the ‘hedge school’ of people working the system.

Also by Beltaine I’ll be issuing at least one new publication based on the Nine Moons material. Readers here may recall that I have promised a system of Pagan spirit art. Well, that material got subsumed in the Nine Moons stuff. So I have re-edited it and added additional support material, and will be publishing it as “The Book of Summonings – A Grimoire of Pagan Spirit Arte”. Those who have already purchased the Nine Moons book have 90% of the material in the Summonings book, though there is some unique new stuff.

So this is a promise and a warning. I will be publishing the Book of Summonings and withdrawing the Book of Nine Moons, probably for a year or two. If you bought the Nine Moons, you should think thrice about paying for the Book of Summonings – too much duplication. However if you didn’t think a months-long program was for you, you may be interested in the more direct (though still not ‘easy’) work of Summonings.

As a teaser, here’s the introduction to the Book of Summonings:

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