Friday, February 17, 2012

My 2012 Spring & Summer Teaching Schedule

We’ll be out and about a good bit this summer. Most of these are ADF gatherings, but I want to make a pitch to my readers to consider showing up even if you aren’t a member or buddy. ADF festivals are usually smaller gatherings (of maybe 100) made up of people who are interested in ancient religion and modern Paganism. There is usually a high percentage of musicians – the guitars-to-drums ratio is more balanced than at many fests, and long conversations about books, ideas and ancient ways are the norm. The workshop quality is generally high, and there are often juicy rituals, including at least good general worship and blessing.

• 4/19-22: Trillium Spring Gathering – Cross Junction, VA Early gathering in the beautiful hills of the Cumberland Gap. Lots of music and great workshops.

• 5/24-29: Wellspring Gathering – Brushwood Folklore Center, NY
This is one of my home-fests, organized by our Grove. It includes the ADF Annual Meeting, and a lot of organizational folderol, but also some of the hottest group ritual of the year, in one of the best-developed Pagan temples in North America. Concert, mead-brewing competition, Artisan’s Competition, the Wellspring Bardic Chair competition.

• 6/28 - 7/1: Eight Winds Festival – Tahoe National Forest, CA 
Great line-up, featuring Cei Serith and Erynn Laurie. I’ll be doing the original Court of Brigid Working, as well as teaching a drumming class.

• 7/10-16: The Starwood Festival – Wisteria Campground, OH
The Big One, now in our 32nd year. The classic festival, with daily and nightly musical performances, over 150 workshops, rituals, and presentations, streets of merchants, etc. If you haven’t been for a while, come back; if you’ve never come, do.

• Dates TBD: The Summerland Gathering - Yellow Springs, OH: An excellent ADF gathering, with good ritual, hot bonfire parties and a great night of music.

• 9/27-30: Earth Warriors Festival – Clarksville, OH
Not an ADF event, but an up-and coming regional fest featuring folks like Chris Penczak, Kelliana, and Devin Hunter. I’ll be doing a teaching and sacrifice rite focused on Dagda Mor.

The trip to California for Eight Winds will include some days of tourist opportunity in the state. Hope to see more Pagans during that time, maybe get to SF before or after the fest.
Fun, fun, fun!

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