Friday, March 9, 2012

Celtic Sorcery Computer Art

This triskelion is made by placing three sigils made on Fionn's Window from the Irish word 'bendacht', meaning 'blessing'. I noticed the basic shape of the curling arm of the sigil, and it did indeedy-do work as well as it looked like it might. I may even work it up into a Celtic Sorcery T-shirt. I have thought since I began making them that the curvilinear sigils from Fionn's Window had a La Tene look to them. It really worked here, in my opinion.

I'm heading back to make some new art to support a project that you'll hear more about in the next weeks. Here's a simple thing, the point of which is really the Blessing sign at the bottom. I'm doing more preparing talismanic designs based on the sigil-set I've been working with. Here we once again have the Bendacht sigil as the centerpiece, along with signs for Sun and Soil, matching the content of the simple Day Blessing from my Hearth Customs.

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Nick Egelhoff said...

These are awesome, Ian. Have you considered making them available as posters, tapestries, etc.?