Monday, July 23, 2012

Next Steps With the Courtiers of Brigid

This year's Summerland gathering looks to be a veritable Druid magic-palooza. Uberrod will be doing a Court of Sif working, intending to begin prospecting for ally spirits from that worthy Goddess' house. Here’s what L and I will be doing at this year’s event, one year after the original Court of Brigid working:

Druid Sorcery – Practical Magic with the Court of Brigid
In an experiment of Pagan magical art, participants in this working will create a small shrine-talisman with a personal targeting of one of three intentions – Prosperity, Healing, or Inspiration. We will work with spirits from the Court of Brigid – beings who have sworn to aid us in our work, especially with the Three Powers – the Cup, the Harp and the Hammer, but also with the Courtiers themselves.

The working will involve the creation of a triptych shrine-talisman made of card. The first half will be devoted to the careful devising of the personalized intention and the creation of the talisman involving simple handicraft methods. The second part will be a simple ritual working intended to set the spirits working for the magicians.

Participants need not have taken part in previous Court of Brigid rites to join in this work. All are invited to make the talisman and receive the ritual script and briefing. We hope that some will choose to work the actual summoning rite at the festival. To preserve the integrity of all participants those working the rite for practical goals will be asked to state their goal aloud, and to take the spiritual cost of the work upon themselves.

This will involve some fun handicrafts as well as the magical work. We’ll be testing materials for the triptychs, and I’ll try to post pics and notes as we go.

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Anonymous said...

I love mixing arts and crafts with magic. I so wish I could make it this year!