Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Invocation of the Dagda

a: Trance Eidolon

• Now let the Gate be as a window to our vision... opening to reveal the Otherworld... and let us behold the ancient and mighty one, In Dagda Mor, the Great Good God.... he is seated in beauty and bounty, in a nimbus of nineteen colors... fire and gold and green, shining and arrayed around him... flowing and changing, emerging from a white-gold brightness at their center... at that Center the Red God is seated... clothed in the colors of fire and earth... leather and iron, white tunic and nine-hued cloak of plaid... with his mighty arms and legs bare... a huge torc of gold rests around his neck, with silver bands on his wrists, reflecting the flickering flames... and at the center is the face of the god...

• See the eyes of the Lord of Wisdom... gaze into them, whether or not they see you yet... see his features, his flowing red hair and mustaches, the tips gold as flame... He sits cross-legged on a richly carpeted seat... before him burns a good fire, on a square fire-platform... above the fire a great iron cauldron is suspended, and it bubbles, giving off a scent of perfect delight... in his right hand he bears his great striking staff, and in his left hand his beautiful harp rests upon his knee, that fills the air around him with a wonderous music...

You approach the god... and he towers above you on his seat... let your vision rest in him... as we make our invocation...

b: Invocation & Offerings
• Dagda most honored, to you we make sacrifice, to Eochaid the All Father, Son of Elatha, Chieftain of Danu. All-skilled King of the Tuatha De Danann, Hoster of the Hall of Heroes,Keeper of the Feasting Cauldron, Wizard Harper, Lord of Secrets, Hear us, Red God, as we offer!
• Stallion of Fathering, Mighty Clan Chieftain, Great Cauldron-Feaster, Red-Bearded Giant who mates with the Mare. Abide with us Eochaid as offering we give:
(oil offering made)
• Guardian Warrior, Club-wielder, champion, Nine-slayer, Sun-eyed, Slay and Unslay with the stroke of your Club. Abide with us Dearg, due offering we give.
(oil offering made)
• Wise Druid, Fire-keeper, Harper of Seasons and Master of Secrets, Oh Lord of the Sacrifice, Great Ruadh Ro-fhessa, abide with us here as due offering we give.
(oil offering made)
• Dagda most honored, to you we make sacrifice,
that you be the warmth beneath the Cauldron,
that you be the Fire of Sacrifice,
that you be the giver of bountiful Blessings.
• Flame in the belly that sustains life,
Flame in the heart that illumines life,
Flame in the eye that comprehends life
Be in us, and let us be in you
• O Father of Clans, Red Stallion of Hosting
O Sun-Eyed Champion, Slayer and Healer
O Lord of Wisdom, Fire of Sacrifice
O Dagda most honored, to you we make offering.
As each of the Nine Gifts are given, the whole company responds by singing the charm:
Dagda Mór, bheith linn
Dagda Mor, Dia linn
Dagda Mor-Great good God,
• Porridge I give, because you feed every honorable guest.
• Pork I give, because you give the Champion’s Portion.
• Ale I give; because you strengthen the spirit in the corn.
• Silver I give, because you bestow wealth,
• Iron I give; because you bring sharp magic
• Oak I give; because you bring strong law
• Flame I give, because you keep the Sacred Fire
• Herbs of vision I give, because you keep the Gates of the Otherworld
• Mead I give, because you keep the Draught of Inspiration.
c: Final Sacrifice
I call with the voice of the Cauldron of Wonder, I call with the voice of the Hearth of Welcoming. Oh Dagda Mor, be welcome at our fire. Receive these gifts, and with them our love, our honor, our aspiration.
Dagda Mor, Great Good God accept our sacrifice!

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Unfortunately I don't speak Irish, so what is the translation of the charm? Thank you.