Friday, November 16, 2012

A Quiet Month

When we last saw our intrepid etc, he was headed back from his summer adventures to a quieter season at home.
Well, that sort-of happened. We aren't packing, setting up, taking down and unpacking every bleedin weekend this month. However I have been keeping busy.
Court of Brigid is Shipping
At this time I believe that I have one unclaimed set of the nine collectible, ready-for-ritual Druidic Sorcery sets. Write me at for details.
I'm gratified at the response, and encouraged to try some other ideas are unusual and practical occult items in the future. 
I've ben figuring out how to package these, and they should be in the mail within a day or two of this post. That still puts me at least somewhere in the mid-November zone, but I thank my supporters for their patience.
Tredara Upgrade
After a summer of poking around and watching the eyes of contractors glaze over, I found a willing team to do the barn even in this late season. That means stripping off about half of the building and rebuilding it, as well as adding a new porch and rectifying other problems. Here's pics:
The old barn, site of seasonal Pagan fun for 30 years.

We're adding a side porch to replace the tent we've used for years

We're replacing the ancient slumping toad of a shed that was one end of the building

As if this hour pillars are going up. Since you've indulged me this far I will
post some nice shots of the final finished item, when it happens.
It's seems like it is happening apace. We have a week of rainless days predicted, and it seems like it will be completed promptly. Thanks to a little windfall I don't have to break my own back for this, but there's been lots of incidental activity. And excitment!
So, watch this space for something more substantive before the end of the month, but excuse me while a dance little jiggity-jig over here...

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Al said...

Hi Ian,

I tried going to but get an unknown domain for it.

Did you sell that last Druidic Sorcery set?

I mainly came here because I wanted to contact you to find out if there was to be an ebook edition of your new Court of Brigid book. I saw it on lulu but I try to get books as ebooks these days.