Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Offering for the Lost Dead

I've been feeling dead-ish lately, and this little task has been weighing on my intent since Samhain. I have felt a desire to make a proper offering to the... unhappy dead?... the shades... the sluagh... I'll call them the Lost Dead, for the sake of this charm. I might have done it at Samhain, but really Yuletide is as much about the Dead in Norse lore as Samhain is in Gaelic, and the theme of new light seems proper for a charm meant to bring hope and peace.

Last night as I had my monthly conversation with my allies among the Wise Dead, I asked them for some inspiration for the piece, and they gave it. So, here is a charm that I'll probably do as my praise offering at our Yuletide this coming Sunday.

Let an offering of bread, honey and ale or wine be prepared, along with a small fire, or candle.
Begin with whatever prayers and offerings to the gods and spirits are proper to your work, and then prepare the fire so that the food offerings can be placed before it.

• Let the blood of the Dead water the root of the Tree.
Let the Hazels of Wisdom grow from deep roots.
Let wisdom, strength and love nourish every being, by the rising of the light.

• Often do we honor the Ancestors, blessed and beloved.
With them we share warmth at the Shrine of the Hearth.
Many are those who die who we know not,
Yet human kinship does not stop at the garth’s wall.

• All our allies among the Dead, help us to speak to the Lost.
Elder Wise, Grandparents of our lines,
Join your voices with ours in love and mercy
For all the Host of the Dead.

• Hear me now, all you lost spirits
All who died suddenly, without warning;
All who died unjustly, or by the hand of another;
All who died alone, in unknown places, or in deep waters;
All who died without the embrace of kin.

• We make these offerings to you, for your rest and peace
That you no longer be lost
That you no longer be angry
That you no longer be vengeful
But be welcomed at the Fire.
(Lay the bread offering, and pour honey upon it)
We honor you with this gift of bread and ale
(Lay the Ale or wine offering)
Though we may not name you,
We have not forgotten you
(Light the small fire or candle)
• This small fire we light for you,
As the small sun of Yule morning will rise.
Let it be as a hearth of warming
Where peace prevails
And all feast as friends
With the Blessing of the Gods.
Host of the Dead, accept my sacrifice!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, and (sadly) particularly applicable this Yule season.

CaoimhĂ­n said...

I really find great benefit from your writing. This post especially fits a felt need that I've been unable to put my finger on, until now. Thanks much. Also, I've been working my way through your Sacred Fire, Holy Well, and I feel like I've finally found my spiritual niche. Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. It fills the void of sadness overwhelming me this season. Excellent working.