Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Updates

• Trancework Class at Aradia’s Garden:
This is a prototype of a new sort of public working which I’m working on. At.
Anyway, it should be juicy.

• The Great Book has now reached the half-way point. It will only be offered in this form (and for the foreseeable future) until Beltaine of this year. Keep an eye out for Lulu discounts and get your coffee-table tome of Druidic Magic soon!

 • Spring Me, Dammit! It’s still cold here, snow on the ground. I’ve got important gravel to shovel around the old patch here – I want at least a string of days above freezing soon. Just putting in my order… this year’s waitress seems surly…

Nevertheless it will soon be be spring, and I’ll be keeping the seasonal rites this weekend, actually in a Hellenic fashion, as an experiment by one of our Grove folks. There’s blessed little Gaelic spring-lore anyway.

There is rather more English lore, anglo-saxon in style, and a bit of modern Irish as well. I’ve collected some of it in a little playlist here:

This is nothing scholastic – I assembled it for my druid bro Mike from FB. There’s some countryside stuff and a Stan Rogers cut thrown in along with a Liam & Tommy item. On that first clip, that’s “The Copper Family” the Carters of British folk preservations. Note the multi-generational gang.

May your spring be sweet and lovely, and the blossoms promise fine fruit.

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