Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ways To Give Me Money

Here's the deal - expect to see rather more overt promotion from me over the next years. My circumstances are changing, and I'm more likely to make an effort to turn my vast store of extremely specialist skill into a few bucks. My goal will be to provide real products and real value, but of course that is judged by the customer. Of course there are always the links on the right, to me Lulu shop and to Sacred Fire, Holy Well at Amazon. Here's some additional stuff.
We'll start small:
The thing is, the rather unique magical system that I've built out of ADF's DNA isn't widely supported in the cheesy occult items market. We have no particular use for athames or altar pentagrams, and the symbolic languge is different from standard Western Trad stuff. Now, CP does let me make custom cauldrons, bless 'em, but they do have some items of use, especially for smaller shrines and travel kits.

A set of shot glasses is great for a small home shrine. The black sigils are the Gods, Dead and Sidhe, rendered simply. The color triskel is a Triple Blessing sign, made by rendering the sigil for 'blessing' three times. Together a fine set for offering to the spirits and drinking the blessing.
$8 each with oh-so-slim a mark-up, effendi...
The standard ritual array for a Druid Shrine of our sort are the Fire, the Well and the Tree or Stone. While a roaring blaze is best, a tea-candle must occasionally serve. Such small material bases can be strengthened by the use of a proper sigil or figure on which to place them. More intact systems provide such things by tradition; I've made some up.

There isn't any reliable correspondence of Celtic decorative motifs with Pagan spiritual ideas. Over the years I have come to associate spiral patterns, such as the Triskel, with the Underworld Waters and knotwork, key-patterns and more regular forms with the Fire of the Sky.
The second tile from left is the 'Nine Chambered Hall of Lugh', representing the quartering of the Realm of the Land. It also resembles, to me, the Vedic fire altar, and so I find it a proper symbol for the ritual fire, whether a candle or a censer.
These ceramic tiles are perfect for coaster-ing one's tools, and easy to carry.
The tile third from left is, again, the Triple Blessing, proper for holding whatever object is to receive the rite's flow of blessing. The tile at the right is the Triangle of Manifestation, the 'divine names' in this cse being the ogham fews for Oak, Rowan and Hazel.
Modestly priced at $6 each.
For those actually working rites in the ritual models of my books, this printed tray might be useful:
Pardon the lo-res image... Roughly 17.5"x11.5", this sturdy tray is actually useful for containing the ash, water and herbs that tend to get all over a blessing-circle. Other styles available at the store, too. $49.99 with just a little markup to keep the universe from making fun of me...
Buggy Whip Dept.
Do people still want cool blank books and journals? In my fantasy heart I certainly do, and so I have made a few in the hardback style. This isn't really my fave, visually - wish they had a matte finish - but I've been using their hardback bindng for my personal journals for the last couple of years and they've held up to fairly hard use without a fail.

Tabula Rasa 999 is a new shop at, where I will post original designs for occultische blank books and journals. I welcome suggestions and ideas - if you've imagined a perfect grimoire cover, I can probably make a version of it, though it will be what the tech allows.
Four initial designs. Classic pent, weirdo Necromancer's book, Druidic conjuring sign & another Druidic design

Leabhar Mor
We're counting down to the end of the offer. For the sake of this offer we're going to call Beltaine Sunday the 5th of May, when our local Grove lights its May Fire. The Great Book will be offered only until then.


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