Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Raising the Pillar

As readers will know, we're building a new nemeton here at Tredara. We've chosen a meadow in our new space. built the central porch for the Fire Altar, and over Summer Solstice weekend we built the central 'altar' at the eastern edge, to hold the other two hallows - the Well and Tree. Here's the schematic again:

We had a great crew on Saturday - we are blessed to be part of a vibrant Pagan scene in the area. 
the Nemeton meadow, empty
Gathering all the building supplies was in itself a chore, and we hardly were able to begin the build until the afternoon heat was on us. Combined with a bumper season for skeeters it got challenging to do the work. Thanks to the ancient mothers for beer, and modern tech for ice-chests and personal bug-shield generators.

Sketch for the central Well and Tree thing.

At first I was going to build this object entirely of brick, but then decided that making a big 'planter' in which we would put ivy or herbs, etc, was a better idea...

stage one
The Fire Altar and its porch in the center are very geometrical - we thought this piece could be more organic.
The cinder-block sitting down left in the left-hand pic covers the offering shaft, which will be built in to the porch.

Crew at work, just a small part of our volunteer force.
stage two

The shaft - approx five feet deep. Incidentally we devised
A plan for when it becomes un-emptiable (they all have
eventually) and instructed the children.
The construct as we finished it on Saturday evening,,
with the shaft covered with that cinder-block.
Not bad so far.
So, we must finish the 9x9 porch around the Well and Tree. In our climate mud prevention is the major goal of outdoor ritual-site building. We'll have some gates and pillars to erect, and hopefully we'll be ready to hallow the new temple on the Friday of our Lughnassadh gathering later this summer.
On we go!

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