Monday, March 16, 2015

Druid YouTube Vids - Under the Oak

All things considered, I love the internet. I'm prone to wasting my time, and the internet certainly helps. It isn't as if I didn't fill my time with pointless amusement before the web - that's why the gods made fantasy novels. The biggest advantage to the webs, in my opinion, the the degree of interactivity it allows between people.

So I', amusing myself one day when I get a message from a radio DJ down in Florida. Jerry Waller (The Ragin' Pagan) does the Pagan Sunrise radio show, which is an actual broadcast program.

"They took a jigger of Irish Whiskey, a bowl of Texas Chili, mixed it in a Cajun Cauldron under the full moon…. and out came The Ragin’ Pagan. As a musician, DJ and entertainer, he plays, sings and produces a message of compassion and conservation. His weekly broadcast, Pagan Sunrise, airs on 91.5 WPRK, Winter Park - Mondays, 5am EST, and you can find a schedule events and musings on his Ragin’ Pagan Facebook page."

Jerry has bought a few of my books, and has an interest in Celtic Paganism. he invited me to do a short interview on the show, and then a series of five-minute clips on Druidic and Celtic lore.

We're a few weeks into the process now, and I decided to take a further step, and arrange the short clips as videos for storage. They're just simple slide-shows over the narration, but they may be useful as short introductions to Celtic lore, easily accessed.

I dunno how many there will be in the end, but I'm on episode six on the radio, moving along into telling Celtic story. Here are the first three. I'll post them in bunches as I put them up.

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Shane A. Saylor, Eccentric Bard said...

Ian, do you have plans to post the text of the ritual used in part four to your blog? If you do, please let us all know. Thanks.