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Druidry, Paganism and Pagan Magic resources from Ian Corrigan - Summer 2016

Multiple streams of income… that’s what all the smart slackers say about developing a cash-flow. Look, I create these products, out of my inspiration and skill, to help my readers/purchasers develop in the Arte – to worship the gods, speak with the spirits, grow in wisdom and skill. Along the way, I like to make a little money. Fortunately, the internet makes self-publication and complete creative control not only possible but profitable, at least for my skill-set, and so I have a few outlets for my writing and art to tell you about. I promise to return to substantive topics directly, here on the blog.

I have two primary outlets for my books on Celtic Paganism and Pagan occultism. The core thing is published by ADF Publishing, and is available on Amazon. My other titles are available at my store, though some are also on Amazon. If you’re asking, I do better when you buy things from my Lulu shop.
First, if you are unfamiliar with my work, I would strongly suggest this article as a guide. I have had a tendency to recycle my own work, and the article will make that all clear, helping you to avoid redundant purchases.

“Sacred Fire, Holy Well” is my summary introduction to my understanding of Celtic Paganism and sorcery. You can find it here.

My Lulu shop is here. I advise you to watch their front page for sales from 10% to as much as 30% off. The marvelous thing is that such sales do not affect the author’s portion of the sale, so keep your eyes peeled.

 I have promised a new book, and a new book is coming. I’ll provide some proof-of-life here, soon.

Decks and Kits
A couple of years ago I discovered, an on-demand printing service for games, decks and components. There are various suppliers for decks, but no others I’ve found for tiles, boards, small tokens etc. Being a board-game geek myself, I took to the opportunity. The ability to order these items on a print-on-demand basis is unbeatable for convenience and creativity, but not what I would call inexpensive. I offer two stand-alone decks:

The Ninefold Druid’s Oracle (sometimes called the 9x9) is a non-Tarot oracle deck that employs
nine key symbols of Our Druidry – Land, Sea, and Sky; Gods, Dead, and Landspirits; Fire, Well, and Tree. Each of these is analyzed into nine symbols, making an 81-symbol deck, well-suited to polytheist and traditional ideas. In order to reduce cost I have eliminated paper booklets (an expensive item) from all of these products in favor of providing detailed downloads.
My Tredara Ogham Pack (named for our bit of sacred land) is a simple display of the ogham letters, annotated with the Irish name, the English translation of the names, the associated Tree, a divinatory keyword and a selection from the “phrase Oghams”. It is intended as a learner’s support as well as for direct divination and oracles.

My Gamecrafter store also features portable ritual kits, made of game components, cards, tiles, etc: 

Traveling Magic: A Celtic Temple Kit: In this small bag of wonders you will find a portable temple of Druidry, along with talismans for works of practical magic. While the Temple is arranged especially for Pagan Druidic rites, it can be valuable to anyone interested in magic arts and the Old Ways
• Four Druid Ritual Temple-floor Hallows Tiles
• Thirteen Temple Images cards, Including nine images of the Celtic Gods. • Complete Ogham Oracle Mini-deck (just the coolest, if you like minis…)
• Velour drawstring bag and three card-stands
• Supplemental files Including 27 Book of Shadows pages with invocations of the Celtic Gods, instructions for ritual and spellcasting, and simple ogham divination instructions.

The Planetary MagicTemple Kit: A portable kit for rituals of magic with the seven classical planets, provides a portable temple of traditional western magic, focused on the Seven Planets as they are understood in classical astrology and wizardry. Useful both to ceremonial magicians and to Pagans and Wiccans, drawing on Elemental symbols and on traditional ritual forms common to both. The kit will be be valuable to anyone interested in magic arts and the Old Ways • Five Elemental Temple Ritual Tiles
• Additional Triangle of Manifestation tiles
• Seven Planetary Eidolon cards, depicting the Gods of the Planets with their traditional magical sigils.
• Seven Planetary Talisman cards, useful in evoking powerful planetary spirits.
• Two images of the Cosmic Goddess and God, and a Hermetic Gate image.
• Three properly colored dice for the ancient Oracle of Homer, and for a second more modern dice oracle.
• Three card stands, and a velour pouch that holds all. (No box, just the pouch.)
• Sixteen-page Planetary Magic Grimoire - Supplemental files with full details for use, and The Homeric Oracle. 

The Master Temple Kit: provides all of the content of the two kits, along with nine expansion cards featuring deities of various Pagan pantheons. The Big Box – not cheap, but very complete.

• 24-card Temple Images trumps, including Nine Celtic Gods, as well as general images for the Gods and Spirits, Norse, Hellenic and Neopagan deities.
• 14-Trump Planetary Magic series, appropriate both for Hellenic Pagans and Ceremonial work.
• Six jumbo trumps, with Gate and spellwork.
• Nine Temple-floor Tiles, for both the Four-Quartered Circle and the Druidic Sacred Grove,
• Micro-Ogham divination deck, Hellenic Homeric Dice Oracle, a New Dice Oracle, three card-stands.
• 36 Downloadable grimoire pages with full instructions for ritual and divination using the Temple Kit.

And in the nearly-unclassifiable department, a set of spellwork and spirit-conjuring sigil-tokens:

Celtic ConjuringTokens: for use in Pagan and Druidic conjuring and spellbinding. A pouch of thirty-nine 1.25" tokens printed with sigils proper for Pagan spellcraft, especially in a Celtic or Druidic context
• Twenty-seven conjure-word tokens - Irish Gaelic words referring to magical intentions, rendered into sigils on the mysterious Fionn's Window. Each token presents the sigil on the front, and the Irish word with its English translation on the back.
• Three tokens for the Gods, the Dead and the Sidhe; three tokens for the Land, Sea and Sky at large; three tokens for the Wise, the Warriors and the Landkeepers.
All packaged with a red velour bag.
Together this symbol set can constructs patterns for almost any sort of spell-work, or for the summoning of a variety of spirits. This system has been explained in Ian's several books, and this small kit will be useful for those putting it to use. It is especially useful as an addition to the Celtic Temple kit, but can be used for many kinds of Pagan spellcraft.
• Nine tokens of the Druid's Elements - Stone, Soil & Vegetation; Wind, Sea and Cloud; Sun, Moon & Stars.

Audio Meditation training: The first of these albums, ‘Training the Mind’, is a basic 90-minute workshop in trance and divination, very useful for students or groups beginning their practice. The second of those albums includes selected intermediate trance-workings, and the ritual-support recording gives full trancework guidance for basic Druid ritual.

OK, now we enter the almost-entirely-frivolous…

Pagan T-shirts, Prints, etc: My Teepublic store offers many choices of my art in print-on-demand t-shirts in good quality at mid-level prices, along with various other printed products, including phone cases… Keep an eye out for monthly sales in which all shirts are $14 + shipping.

My Café Press Shop features various gee-gaws and print-on-demand swag that I have adapted as ritual and devotional items - plaques, cups and glasses, trays, etc. Also a stash of Cthulhu Mythos fun…

So, I hope that you might find inspiration, support and fun in these products of my slightly-twisted mind.

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