Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Druid's Gate Seal

The second of two new Druidic sigils or lamens that have gotten a bit of traction out in Pagandom. Posted largely so that I can reference it, and in case you've wondered what your buddy's t-shirt means...

The Druid’s Gate is a telesmatic design shown by inspiration to Ian Corrigan – an expression of the core ritual power of Druidic spirit-magic. By bringing together symbols of this entire complex we create a figure filled with power and awe for use in further magic

At the base of the figure we see the sigils of Water and Fire. The Primal Powers, reflecting the cosmic powers of Earth and Sky, Underworld and Heavens. From the Two arises the Three, and the Triskelion might represent the Three Worlds, of Land, Sea and Sky, as understood by the ancient Celts and their Druids. In this triskel the sacred Center, the Place Between is held by the ritual fire. By bringing these powers together a liminal place is created, neither/nor; the Boundary Between; and above the combined fire and water the Gate appears. I might have chosen to express this ‘crossing-place’ as a cross-road symbol of the usual sort, but chose instead to harken to the truly archaic forms of the stone trilithons and gates of the pre-Celtic world, which were mysteries even to Druids. From such gates Otherworld beings emerged.

And so we see the sigils o
f the Three Kindreds of spirits emerging from or arriving at the gate. The Flaming Countenance of the Gods, the Skull of the Dead, and the Serpent to represent the power of the Landspirits all appear surrounding the Gate and the Center.

So this synthetic glyph manifests the proper order of Summoning, that the gate arise from the Between, and the Spirits come to our presence through the gate. So to display the sign, properly enchanted, is to declare one’s place as a Keeper of the Ways, a person to whom the respect of spirits is due.

Because this is the internet age, you'll find occasional products branded with this symbol - t-shirts, cups, gee-gaws, etc.
I should note that the ADF clergy order has adopted a variant of this seal as the symbol of our Senior Priesthood. You'll see priests of that rank wearing this variant as we please, on raiment or jewelry. The variant with the triskelion remains my own, the variant with the ADF sigil is used for the Senior Priesthood... just to be real clear.

Fire and water, shine and flow
Meet and Join, above and below
At the Sacred Center, stand
Sea and Sky, and Holy Land
Gods and Dead and Spirit Kin
By this sign, now, come ye in
By these Holy Powers all
Open the Gate! I make the call!


S. T. Silva said...

If I may: Ian, I sent you an e-mail a few days ago, let's say at t.@g.c. , I thought might be of interest to you, subject "About a potential [...]" , and got no response. If you declined to answer on purpose, I apologize for bringing it up (again), but I thought it might have something to do with a spam filter - if you didn't see such an e-mail, could you take a look in there? Either way, thanks for the attention if you read this.

Lolan Ah Sine said...

A powerful Neo-Druidic Talisman! And notice the fusion of the Shinto Torii Gates of Heaven symbol-the realized gate to the ancestors and spirits of place that's utilized. A very enriching Syncretism as the Druids of old practiced. Since there is no wizards sorcerer key symbol - I assume the Druid himself becomes that. The Magickal numbers as expressed as circles of druidic power - Awen the Three; encased by the one; the gate between the otherworld veils surrounded by the four quarters is quite magickal in effect just by looking at it. If you make a necklace out of it or a t-shirt I would buy one. Not sure how a Druid Priest would express this in ritual - maybe hang a poster above the altars offering bowls? Anyway - I love it!