Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nine Moons Progress Report

I have completed writing the first draft of the first three lessons of my Nine Moons Druidic Magical Training. Those interested can, for a short time, download the PDF of these lessons at their storage dump. I am very interested in feedback on the structure and content of these lessons. I have already decided that they need a couple of additional things, including summaries of the work and goals for each lesson – just what do I expect students to learn from them, and which of the exercises need repeated work during the lesson-month to really build skill.
Liafal and I are about to begin the program. After some discussion we’ve decided to do it pretty much as written, in order to have as close to the student’s experience as possible. This should actually be fun for me. It has been some while since I did a truly focused round of personal work, and while this program doesn’t start with totally basic, pre-dedicant skills, it will take us back to basics on a lot of things, including enforced Open Meditation rather than exclusively visualization and energy work. We will be doing numerous rites and spells in a Druidic style, deepening our solitary skills at the Order of Ritual as well at in practical magic. It will also involve a lot more divination than I’ve done in some while – real readings, not just ritual omens.
In fact our biggest question so far remains whether the pace of the work is simply to fast for a householder keeping a common life while doing the program. Each monthly lesson calls for a full trance exercise, a work of practical magic, and a work of theurgy, along with regular offerings to the Kins, meditation etc. It’s all wrapped up in weekly ‘retreat days’ in which the student works these things into the daily schedule. Like many householders, Liafal and I will be attempting to work these retreat days, in some cases, on weekdays, fitting the activities in around our work schedules.
So, I’ll be posting some accounts of our ongoing work here. No way I’m doing my full journaling in public, that just ain’t me, but I’ll keep this blog posted on notable things. Here we go!

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Candee said...

I look forward to doing it,once I have the DP done,as I will be retired soon from my full time job. It appeals to me that this will connect me more to the cycles of the moon,and that there is an emphasis on the conditions of the moon and the weather when doing divinations.
I like the idea of having retreat days connected to the phases of the moon. Also, correlating divinations to the type of weather connects us more to the cycles of nature as well. I also like the emphasis on self examination with developing an introduction for oneself, questions to reflect on,and the research and contemplation necessary to choose a Druidic name. It's great that there is an emphasis on caution and protection also when contacting other entities, as many others who give instruction seem to omit this,seemingly assuming all beings are somehow harmless

I think that the information in 9 moons is wonderful,,however I have some suggestions that I think would make somethings a bit clearer.
Often we are told to use a charm or rite or method long before it is explained, or with no explanation or reference to what book or website the method can be found in.
I think it would be good to define terms or define a charm/rite when mentioned,or give reference as to where it will be described. Many terms are not defined or defined much later. Same for several charms or rites
1) Bri and Bua mentioned on pg13,but not defined until pg 91
2) There are references to Bone Blood and Breath exercise,but it is not defined anywhere.
3) Rite of Hallowing mentioned as early as page 7,but not defined until pg121
4) Land over th 9 waves-what is that?
5)Kindling Charm mentioned to be used on page 31, described on page75
6)Two powers used in several rites before being described on page 58

Typos:Sidhe is spelled sidge in the table of contents.Part3 of same has morning spelled marning

A Celtic pronunciation guide or reference to one would be helpful.

How are the sigils made-a reference to book and page would be great.

For a rite or for making incense, a list of things needed like one would do for a recipe would
help. You did this for the Rite to Hallow a Cauldron of Blessing, for example .

We are told to get a wand and cauldron,but not given all specifics until when you are soon to hallow and use it. Cauldron-necessity of getting onestated3-4times,but the fact it needs to be drinkable and easily washed not mentioned until pg109 when it is to be dedicated.
Wand-mentioned on page 7 & 8as being one of oak,rowan or what wood you like only. On page 110 it is described as having to be from oak,Rowan, hazel or fruit wood. and needing to be fore arm length. Would be good if all info was on page 7 & 8 since new wood needs to be seasoned for a long time and so the cauldron made or purchased is washable and food grade

Cairn mentioned pg10 and29 (not offering seeds so creatures won't climb on it),but none has been constructed nor its function explained yet.

Sixth nite-how is that calculated?

Making the shrine of the Mighty Ones and needing a cauldron for it is mentioned on Pg 111,and making the shrine is on pg 118.Might it be better put together?

Thanks for all your effort and hard work to put this together for us. It is an awesome task well done.Candee