Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Year One

I missed the 1st anniversary of this blog, on November 7th, but I just want to wish myself a hardy congratulations for actually paying attention to this project for a full year. Since I'm still writing I'll still have stuff to post, and since I'm still a pop-culture geek I'll still find odd stuff to put up as well.
I haven't found the time for as many original essays and just thoughts-on-my-mind posts as I might have wanted. If I sit down at the web to waste time I have plenty to do. So this has mostly been notes and even full articles from the stuff I'm actually writing, with some pop culture and occasional book reviews as well. I want to do more book reviews, but too often they feel like work, not play, and I'm doing plenty of work on the keyboard these days.
Anyway, huge thanks to all those who stay subscribed and give me at least the illusion that I'm writing to somebody : ). By all means do tell me what you like and don't like. No telling whether I'll do anything about it, but I am interested.

Blessings of the USA Thanksgiving season on those who care.


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