Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Comment on Nine Moons

Candee has written quite a few notes on her reading of the draft of the first three lessons of the Nine Moons project. Candee is in italic.
Candee – thanks for such a detailed and useful comment. Let me respond, mainly as an exercise in reviewing your pointers…
Often we are told to use a charm or rite or method long before it is explained, or with no explanation or reference to what book or website the method can be found in.I think it would be good to define terms or define a charm/rite when mentioned,or give reference as to where it will be described. Many terms are not defined or defined much later. Same for several charms or rites
I have decided that I must create a summary section in which I define a bunch of background ideas of the sort you mean. The fact is, much of the technique in the Nine Moons depends on stuff published in my book Sacred Fire, Holy Well. I’ve been trying to avoid simply importing large sections of text from that book, writing new material even if on ideas already covered. Still, I need to both refer readers to that book and provide at least a glossary level set of definitions for unusual terms. The other source of assumed data is the latest edition of the ADF Dedicant book. For instance the Bone, Breath and Blood entrancement is in there. I need to decide whether this publication needs to depend on the DP, or to what extent it is also offered to the Pagan public, and to what extent I mean to make it easy for them. I guess at least that technique should be added.
1) Bri and Bua mentioned on pg13,but not defined until pg 91
2) There are references to Bone Blood and Breath exercise,but it is not defined anywhere.
3) Rite of Hallowing mentioned as early as page 7,but not defined until pg121
The first Simple Charm of Hallowing is on pg 31, one of the first things in the rites for the first moon. One thing I wonder is whether the format of presenting all the support articles each month first, followed by all the rituals, is useful. The alternative, it seems, would be to present a support article followed immediately by the rite or exercise that it refers to. This would mix the practical text in with the expository stuff, which somehow I didn’t want to do.
4) Land over the 9 waves-what is that?
It’s a poetic reference to the Celtic Otherworld. I expect it to be recognizable to anyone doing some mythic reading. A little mystery doesn’t bother me.
5)Kindling Charm mentioned to be used on page 31, described on page75
6)Two powers used in several rites before being described on page 58
Here’s the thing – I rather assume that early text will be referred back to by students later on (and I’ve copied and pasted it repeatedly as part of formatting the book so far). The instruction is to use that charm or a two-powers centering. Again, I’m assuming students know some version of one of those. I don’t intend to reteach Dedicant material in this instruction – for instance there is no detailed instruction here on making the Home Shrine.
A Celtic pronunciation guide or reference to one would be helpful.
How are the sigils made - a reference to book and page would be great.
Both are in Sacred Fire, Holy Well – I’m a long way from back-matter on this. Remember, this is a draft of the first 35% or so of the Nine-Month instruction.
For a rite or for making incense, a list of things needed like one would do for a recipe would help. You did this for the Rite to Hallow a Cauldron of Blessing, for example .
Don’t I give the recipe, method of mixing, and ultra-simple charm to hallow the incense on page 30?
We are told to get a wand and cauldron,but not given all specifics until when you are soon to hallow and use it. Cauldron-necessity of getting onestated3-4times,but the fact it needs to be drinkable and easily washed not mentioned until pg109 when it is to be dedicated. Wand mentioned etc…
Noted. The hallowing of those two tools has been wandering around the nine lessons, but I think I have it in order – I’ll make that part make more sense.
Cairn mentioned pg10 and29 (not offering seeds so creatures won't climb on it),but none has been constructed nor its function explained yet.
Yeah, it’s in month 4. I don’t mind a little foreshadowing of that sort. Somewhere in the ‘how to use this book’ section I should advise folks to read all the instructional materials first, perhaps.
Sixth nite-how is that calculated?
By counting 6 nites from the new moon. How is New Moon calculated? By when the first crescent appears… is this subjective? Yes. I suppose I should give the student permission to be subjective and a little flexible within the constraints of the moon-phases.
Thanks for all your effort and hard work to put this together for us. It is an awesome task well done.Candee
Well, a task underway, anyway. I’m making my way through the Fourth Moon now. My goal, if I can, is to have the finished nine lessons by Wellspring.
Thank you so much for your cogent reading and comment. The file remains up for those who may want to know what we’re talking about…

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you did give ingredients for the incense except for 2 that are mentioned in the body of the recipe(filed gold or silver being one of them) It could be argued that a person should read thru the whole thing anyway, but it's just a pet peeveof mine when all ingredients are not listed in a cookbook recipe and some are mentioned in the body of the recipe later(and I say,drats I have to do an emerency run to the store)
I guessI done='t remember the blood,bone and breath being .
in the DP,will have to look thru the book again Thanks,Candee