Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cranking Up a New Year

I live a life of conflicting calendrical systems. Of course I work and deal with most other folks by the good ol' American Gregorian calendar, which makes this the start of the Holiday Season, approaching the end of the common year. I actually like the Calends of January holiday, though it's a secular event for my Gaeloid self.

On the other hand I have kept a neo-Celtic calendrical cycle for some 30 years, in which Samhain is the end and beginning of the year. Of course that makes the year start with the quiet and death-current of Samhain, leading to the slow wax of the light at Yuletide. (Rev. Earrach has a good deal to say about all that...) So, this is a weird time, very neither-nor, as we make our way through toward Imbolc, however far-off through the Ohio winter that seems from here.

For me, though, the season of early winter following Samhain is always a good time for creative work, as I get the shovels and tarps put away and turn my attention to my brain. Above is a bit of art I did as a warm-up, I've written a new song and unearthed a couple of old, unheard originals. I *am* writing the novel, slowly.

The best news is that I'm almost done preparing the Book of Visions for sale. That book will contain the trance and meditation work from the Nine Moons training system along with new material. Along with the Book of Summoning this will complete the reworking of the Nine Moons material into general-purpose Druidic Pagan how-to-books, without a nine-lesson format. All of that happened in the last year incidentally - it's been a productive phase...

There's also occult work to do this winter. I have two large spirit-workings from this past season to integrate into my own work. I am preparing a publication based on the Court of Brigid workings, incidentally, but it may have to wait until more work is done. L and I completely missed one major intention this past summer - maybe winter will be better despite the difficulties of working outdoors.

So, on we go! Thanks for reading, as always, and welcome to the several new readers. Do mention what you'd like to see here. This actually marks the end of my third year of blogging! Whoda thunkit?

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