Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Invocation

A simple prayer, to be accompanied by simple offerings – a candle or incense-stick lit would be sufficient. I believe I owe thanks to Jason Miller for the phrase in the above devotional art.

• On winter’s doorstep, I send my call to the Holy Ones.
As the land sinks into sleep, I give thanks for all that I have gained in the harvest.
For all the good of me and mine,of my kin and my friends, of my wealth and my store, of my heart and my mind I give thanks.
• To the Shining Gods and Goddesses I give thanks. You who uphold all the world, I am grateful for your many lights, that show me the ways of the wise. By your inspirations I seek wisdom, love and power, and for your inspiration, and your wonder and your challenges I give you my thanks with this gift.
• To the Noble Tribes I give thanks. You who indwell the world, spirits of beasts and birds, all who crawl or swim or walk or fly, I am grateful to share the world with you. You who serve the gods, daemons and courtiers, your grace allows my life. For your sharing and giving, for your beauty and strength I give you my thanks with this gift
• To the Beloved Dead I give thanks. You whose blood and flesh create my blood and flesh, you whose wisdom teaches my wisdom, I am grateful to you for all that you give. Kin of my blood and Kin of my heart, you are with me still in memory, so be with me in life. I give you my thanks, with this gift.
• I am a child of the earth, and the inheritor of the stars. By the Fire in me, and the Well in me, and the World Tree that grows in me, I give thanks to all beings for every blessing.
So be it, for so it is!

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