Monday, January 16, 2012

The Book of Visions - A Manual of Pagan Meditation & Trance

Done at last! This is the meditation and trance material from the Nine Moons training system arranged in a simple order for general work. (Buy it here.) Please heed my warning: if you bought the Book of Nine Moons, you have all (90+%) of this material. Soonish that book will be withdrawn from general distribution to be made available to ADF Dedicants. However nearly all the material and more is available in this book along with the Book of Summoning.

This completes my long writing project of developing a system of Pagan magical training. The experiments in implementing the system are ongoing, and the Nine Moons may be due for a redesign. But completing this will free me up for the next wave including the The Novel.

Here's the back matter from the Book of Visions:

The Druid’s Peace & the Sorcerer’s Eye

The practice of magical arts requires a mind trained in the ability to produce altered states of awareness at will. Whether we refer to devotional ecstasies, silent meditation, shamanic vision or the second sight, the skills of trance and meditation are central to spiritual practice and practical magic. Magical work is supported by the ability to calm the heart and mind, to work with the energies of the Inner World, and to see and journey among the spirits.
The Book of Visions provides clear lessons in the skills of meditation and vision. It is focused on methods that directly support ritual magic and religion, avoiding theoretical discussion in favor of direct instruction. The methods are presented in a series that can serve as progressive lessons, but the many exercises and scripts can also stand alone. Presented within a Pagan Druidic framework, the methods presented are easily adaptable to other Pagan systems.
The lessons include:
• Meditation – Finding Your Peace; simple instruction in basic meditation.
• The Two Powers; Working magic with the powers of Underworld and Heavens
• The Threshold Realm, & the Vision Journey; opening the Inner Eye, and traveling toward the Otherworld.
• The Inner Grove; creating a personal place of power.
• The Nineteen Working: full instruction in a spiritual practiced based firmly on Gaelic lore.

Ian Corrigan has been learning and teaching in the Pagan community for over 30 years. He is an Archdruid Emeritus and a Senior Priest of Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) and worked with Isaac Bonewits in the creation of that Pagan Druidic system. He is the author of Sacred Fire, Holy Well; A Druid’s Grimoire as well as The Book of Summoning, and is currently developing the Nine Moons system of Pagan magical training.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to be making a hardcover edition available also, like The Book of Summoning? Pretty please? ;-)

IanC said...

Done and done.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Celestial Elf said...
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Celestial Elf said...

Hello IanC, typos in my previous comment sorry.
I thought you might like to see my magickal meditational machinima film The Wizards Treeing Exercise,
Bright Blessings ~

IanC said...

That's quite nice - great art, too.
We experimented with literal tree visualizations for years. In the end folks kept complaining that it was hard to dance after you had become a tree, so we moved to less literal variants of the waters-from-below, light-from-above model.