Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Invocation of Brigid

Nine invokers come to center, sacrificer stands ready, and as the invocation is given the nine lights of the Brigid’s Bed are lit in turn. As each candle is lit the folk sing the chorus.

• Behold the lightener of the stars
Brigid of the mantels
She comes on the crest of waves
Arising in splendor in every blessed hearth
Chorus: Bríd thuas linn, Bríd thíos linn,
Bríd maidir linn; Bríd inár gcroí
(breej hooas lin, breej heeos lin breej mawjur lin breej inor cree)
• Come to us as the Cup of Healing
Draw for us blessing from her holy well (chorus)
• Come to us as the Foster Mother
Hearth of comforts, with bounty and plenty (chorus)
• Come to us as the Woman of Skill
Herb-craft and leech-craft, for the folk’s good (chorus)
• Come to us as the Hammer of the Forge
Power of shaping, by Fire and by Water(chorus)
• Come to us as the good Black Iron
Blade of the warrior, the sickle and plowshare. (chorus)
• Come to us as the Silver Bright
Light of the artisan, making of beauty. (chorus)
• Come to us as the Harp of the Poets
Fire in the head, wisdom and cheer. (chorus)
• Come to us as the Bard’s bright song
Joy in the hall and memory clear. (chorus)
• Come to us as the Druid’s spell
Power and mystery, the song of the year. (chorus)
O Brigid the skillful; O Brigid of the triple spirit
O Brigid who comes in light and shadow
Thrice blessed be your flaming path.
Brigid accept our sacrifice


Erin said...

Ian, I love this invocation! May I share it with my flametending Order? I also love the graphic on the page-did you make it? Lovely.

Thanks, and Brìde Bless,

IanC said...

Freely offered for use to the Goddess' honor!