Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Speaking

DDtRH and Pagan Fire
I’ll be speaking and teaching in two very different venues over the next weeks. 
Next Tues, 1/29 I’ll be appearing on Deeper Down the RabbitHole with Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Colwell. If you haven’t been listening to this excellent interview and discussion program on modern magic, try to find some time to catch up on past episodes that interest you.
I was on DDtRH last year, and I recall that it turned into a walk down Pagan-history lane, with only some discussion of actual magic. This time I hope to focus on my Pagan Spirit Arte material, and do some more detailed theory-and-practice discussion.
Then on March 2nd I will be down in the Columbus area, teaching at the Pagan Fire Seminar.
 This is the second year for a regional Grove event, and they are trying to build a strong, tight program in a one-day intensive. I’ll be doing two presentations, the first on Sacred Fire & Water & The Shrine of Magic, with a practicum on the use of the Two Powers energy-model. The second will discuss working with the Spirits inside a Pagan system, including classification of the spirits and how to work with allies once you’ve got ‘em. The practicum will teach the Threshold Vision entrancement, intended to open the inner vision to the spirits.
That evening I'll be facilitating a larger group exercise/ritual/working that will apply some of the day's skills and ideas.
I’ll post a spring/summer schedule soon. I’m still kind-of waiting for the next wave of inspiration, as to both writing and Magical work. There is a publishing surprise in the works, though, so watch this space ; ).


Ceworthe said...

like the new banner/cover photo. It seems warmer and more inviting

Caoimhín said...

Ian, I like the new banner. It's very interesting visually. I'm glad to read that you will be back on DDtRH. It was after hearing your interview on Andrieh's show that cemented my interest in modern druidry and led eventually to my joining ADF.