Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Great Book

I am pleased to announce a special project, undertaken almost completely for my own amusement, but offered to you, readers, because, why not?

The Great Book (An Leabhar Mór) is an edited mega-grimoire of my rituals and teaching, prepared in an artful style and offered in two full-color hardback bindings. Six-hundred-and-sixteen pages of text and art combine material from Sacred Fire, Holy Well, The Book of Summoning, The Book of Vision and Draiocht with a measure of new material. The core rites and works of the Court of Brigid are also included, making this my most complete Druid Grimoire to date. While the bulk of the work is composed of ritual scripts and texts there are many chapters of teaching as well, from the basics of Irish polytheist symbolism to the secrets to gathering and using magical power.
Part 1: Seanchas – Lore & Symbols
Part 2 Iobairt – Basic Rites, and Sacrifices
Part 3: Imramma – Meditation and Trance
Part 4: Thogairm – Evocation and Spirit-Arte
Part 5: The Court of Brigid
Part 6: Draiochta – Works of Magic

With fifteen full-page illustrations and dozens of symbolic drawings, magical diagrams and sigils, the Great Book is a rich and inspiring trove of magic – a tome fit for a wizard’s oratory!

The book is offered in two cover designs (so far) - The Black Book and the Antique Tome. Both feature a synthetic pantacle of Druidic magic, surrounded by Ogam-sigils of power and magic.

This special edition will be offered only between Imbolc and Beltainne of 2013. Further editions or compilations may be possible, as the content grows and changes with my understanding, however this typeset and art will be retired at the Hinge of Summer. Purchasers are always welcome to have a copy signed at any of my public appearances.

The Black Book edition is available now.
The Antique Tome is also now available.

 An Apologia
Weelll… why wouldn’t I do this? 

Blog readers will know that I enjoy making books, and am totally hooked by the image of the Mage and his Book.   Read here and here for a little history of my mild mania with personal grimoires and spellbooks. I still have an agenda, which will include some sort of high(er)-quality publication, but in the meantime I’ll proceed as I may.

One of the fun things about staying alive and actually improving one’s access to resources is that one gets the chance to manifest a few things that previously existed only in one’s mind. I’ve been in that business for a long time, really, with things like Starwood, thanks to my luck in being associated with a wonderful gang of creative manifester types. (Is that a word… Uncle maniFester?) However it’s one thing to create scenes that blossom and vanish, and another to create artifacts.
Now, this is no Brahm’s book (nor does it cost like one) it’s just a color-printed case-wrap, but it is an artifact with some actual weight. (3.2 lbs according to the printer : ). I’ll just have to try to avoid stalking around the house with the book raised before me, muttering and the like. My wife will forgive me, at least for a while. I may have to get a podium.

Whether or not any of you lot want one, I have one now!! Bwahahaha… sorry…


Tor Hershman said...

Polytheism wants a cracker.

Rusty said...

Why do you offer this stuff when I got no money!? lol