Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Invocation Teaching in Sept.

A Voice From The Shrine
Practical Methods of Invocation of the Gods

Sept 28 , 2pm
Eastlake Ohio

In the Old Ways the gods and spirits lived among the folk, present in the shrines and sacred spaces inherited from tradition, or in new ones made by worshipers. In our efforts to restore the Old Ways for modern times, we must rely on ourselves and our own skills to open the ways to communion with the divine in the persons of the Old Gods.

In this instruction and workshop, Ian will discuss the methods known to ancient and traditional ritualists, and how they can be adapted for modern use. Beginning with just a small dose of history and theory, we will approach invocation for solitary work, for family and small-group rites and for Pagan group worship.   We will discuss the use of images and talismans, how to make an effective shrine, developing personal devotions, and the place of trance and vision in invocation. The program will conclude with a small exercise or ceremony, demonstrating some of the day’s principles.

$25; Pre-registration is preferred, phone registrations are welcome at Aradia’s Garden.