Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leabhar Mór Offer

Last spring I offered this relatively complete collection of my work-to-date. Here’s the blurb:

A mega-grimoire of rituals and teaching in an artful style. The text combines
material from Ian's books Sacred Fire, Holy Well, The Book of Summoning, The Book of Vision and Draiocht with a measure of new material. The core rites and works of the Court of Brigid are also included, making this my most complete Druid Grimoire to date. While the bulk of the work is composed of ritual scripts and texts there are many chapters of teaching as well, from the basics of Irish polytheist symbolism to the secrets to gathering and using magical power. 
 With fifteen full-page illustrations and dozens of symbolic drawings, magical diagrams and sigils, the Great Book is a rich and inspiring trove of magic – a tome fit for a wizard’s oratory! 

The book was fairly well-received, and I sold enough copies to be happy with the project. I also reserved a few copies that were donated to various event-fundraising auctions this summer. I have gotten a steady stream of requests for another chance to buy the book, and so I am offering it again, only until Samhain of this year.

If there are folks who were enjoying the extreme rarity of the title, I doubt this offer will be a huge dent in that factor. While the on-demand nature of the publication prevents me from providing signed copies by mail without an additional $20 or so in shipping costs, I do promise that though I may re-offer this very occasionally, I will never sell more than 81 copies of this edition. Of course if you find me at events I'll be happy to sign them.

Apologetic Update
Man, I can’t find the mental time to write squat this month.

I could, and can, justify some of that with the work I’ve been doing outdoors, prepping and polishing the barn and new grounds. We had a very successful Starwood thank-you party last weekend – a major site-manager hurdle for my season. As the winter arrives I’m sure I’ll be back to work at the keyboard.

Proof-of-life wise, here are some photos…
The bonfire at the Starwood Party, Built by Jason I hisself,
and lots of other folks, of course. Nice chimney-log...
Yr Humbl, and Kim, off for a ride on the golf-cart.
Here's the new barn fully in business. Painting that sucker took a while...
The Nemeton after the Fall Equinox rite,
fire still blazing. May we all reap a good harvest!

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