Monday, February 3, 2014

Mind-Training Audio Release.

I have finally arranged a digital home for my old trance and meditation workshop. This 75-minute recording is a complete workshop in basic mental skills for magic and Paganism. It begins with the Complete Breath and Progressive Deep Relaxation, offers a basic pattern for developing a pre-ritual entrancement routine, and teaches a pattern of energy-work based on balancing Underworld and Heavens energies in the body. Each exercise is taught in a fully guided, scripted induction, framed in set-up and follow-up advice.

This is basic material. If you have been struggling to understand the experiences of relaxation, basic trance and the Two Powers, guided exercises offer a reliable means. On this foundation many other magical and spiritual practices are built.

As a single workshop it could fill a 90 - 120-minute slot with breaks and discussion, and be fairly challenging. It can also be used in 15 - 20 minute segments in a series for group or personal training.

Buy it here, and thanks.

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