Thursday, May 1, 2014

Merry May, Comrades

"Indo-European culture is a conspiracy between the farmers and the intellectuals to manage the jocks."
Ian Corrigan, whenever

Here's a lovely third-function Cernunnos, dignified by beard and wise eyes. He is shown with the hammer of the artificer and the sickle of the farm-laborer, crowned with the Druid's Oak and the Fire of May.

He's very concerned about the plight of the workers, and has declared the High Day - Mayday - to be a feast of celebration, free from obligatory labor. Across the globe workers parade through the streets in commemoration of the struggle to free themselves from the ancient aristocracy.

Mayday - Bealtainne - is always about freedom. It's about the freedom we seek to move through the world, and the blessing of the land-wights that grants it. It's about the freedom to leave our winter hideouts and roam loose in warmer green. It's about the freedom of the delight of love, unbound for an hour from social constraints. Of course we hold fast to what is ours, and guard our luck - because it is luck that will allow us to continue to best gain from our freedom.

So may luck, love and life be ours today, and through the coming summer. May common folk be happy, may poets be well-paid, and may warriors rest at their ease until Lughnassadh's striving. May it be peace in our hearts, in our homes and in our land.

Merry May!

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