Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Excuses Post 2014

See… I have work to do. 
My immediate back yard - prairie with apple trees -
time to git ta mowin'.
I hope I've done alright here on el bloggo, dear readers, in the first half of the year. I’m not going anywhere (for too long at a time) and of course I’ll be posting, but experience tells me I’ll be on the tractor more and at the keyboard less for a few months. Not to mention the actual travel schedule.

Summer 2014 Teaching:
• Summer Solstice at Tredara – June 21 and 22 – this is our local event, but I’ll be teaching a basic review of the Norse pantheon to support the Norse solstice rite the following day. As always the event is open to those local or crazy enough to attend. Expect a real teaching schedule at Tredara next year.
• The Starwood Festival our 33rd annual. I’ll be teaching the Nineteen Working and working in the ADF blessing rite, as well as running my ass off as an organizer. If you’ve never been to a national-class festival, you should do, and there’s nothing better than Starwood.
• SCG Lughnassadh Peace Fair – Tredara – 7/25 – 27. Another local event, with our big-fun warrior games, this year with more lore and method (as well as more axes and spears). Join us for the mystery of Lugh and the Red Woman.
• Summerland Festival 8/14-17. There’s more than one fest with this name now, but this one has been rockin’ since 1999 or so, and is one of the best local/regional events around. I’ll be working a Purification ritual and probably singing with L.

In the meantime I’ll be maintaining this (now double-sized) place, with the help of our amazing friends. We have a new Nemeton to build, and a variety of small improvements to do with our own hands, besides whatever money is thrown at big projects (a limited supply, surely).

Shit that didn’t get done.
Things that did get done. Have a look here.
It was a good winter for creativity and art/publishing projects, but not so good for occult work. The Genius Locus work has not proceeded beyond the outlining and poetry-writing, though I’m better prepared in my awareness of the place to do it than I was a year ago. I continue to stare at the project of reorganizing the Nine Moons teachings, though the book continues to sell a little, and I know some folks are using the methods.

The novel is still a thing, but I got to about 30k words and had to sort-of start again. It remains a bucket-list item, so I’ll keep after it.

Shovel Work
This summer there will be a round of obligatory land-wight work as we install a new Nemeton. I’m off to build (or start) the patio for the fire-altar this very weekend, and we plan a Landwights offering for the Saturday of our Solstice weekend. L. and I will find time this summer to do the ritual work I’ve outlined.
The Nemeton Meadow, unmowed
(or is it unmown...)

Our goal for the season is to have the new space ready for worship and guests by Lughnassadh (and more by Equinox), though hospitality etc will remain at the Barn and old meadow. I plan a worship space for up to 100, with plenty of spill-room, and at least one paved floor with a temporary pavilion over it, and some more developed camping spaces.

Early agriculture beside the blooming trees.
As I spin through the place on a misty early-summer morning my eyes fill with images of shrines, art installations, etc. A garden of worship, an edible and magicible forest, and little home for spirits and a respite for flesh – that’s this morning’s vision.
It may keep me away from writing for a bit…

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IanC said...

I should mention that this is all supported by my heart kin, the eminent men and women... AJ Gooch, Mike Z, Steph G, my dilligent Liafal, and a lot of blessed volunteers.