Monday, August 10, 2009

A Charm for Lughnassadh

Late but still here, for archival purposes...

The Lughnassadh Charm
Feast of the Bright One, Rising!
Corn Growing,
Peace Reigning
Oath Taking,
Comes Reaping
I keep the
Feast of Lughnassadh!
Lugh Samildanach,
you I call
Master of All Arts, Wanderer and Trickster
Hound-God, Raven God
Take now this offering here at my Fire
Lugh Lamhfada, you I call
Spear Bearer, Young Hero
Throne Winner, Giant Slayer
Take now this offering here at my Fire
Thou Lugh the Champion
Lugh the Crowned One, Lugh the Skilled One
Beneath the circle of your Shield,
I give you this due offering
Land grow ripe and full and gold
Beneath the Sun and the Thunder
Peace among folk,
Wisdom, strength and hospitality
Join my heart with the Folk and the Land
In the Blessing of Lugh of the Spear!
So, all you Powers, I give you welcome at my Fire. Let your light be reflected in my spirit, let your ale flow in my veins. I raise this glass to you, and drink to your divine power. Let me know the health, wealth and wisdom of the Gods and Spirits on this holy feast of Lughnassadh! So be it!

Work on a high place if you can, perhaps a green meadow. Offerings of ale, bread fruit and oil are proper.

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