Monday, August 24, 2009

A Charm Upon Rising

OK, so I like writing in iambic quadrameter. I must, because I notice that I'm doing it a lot. I'm getting back to work on the Nine Moons, and noticed that while I prescribed a morning gaelic-style water-pouring, I had no text for it. Here is one, vaguely based on themes from Scots morning charms, but set firmly in rhythm and meter, as I think Druidic charms ought to be. It's ultra-simple, but that seems proper for this equally simple custom, and since it's followed by actual shrine work.
A Charm Upon Rising
To gain the blessing of the day, take fresh water to the eastern door of your home, and pour it outside the doorstep, saying:
Thou Shining Ones of Moon and Sun
Oh Mighty Ones who guide our way
Oh Noble Spirits, every one
Guide and ward me on this day

Let me walk in wisdom’s light
By virtue, strength and love’s own way
My word and deed be true and right
Keep and teach me on this day

Oh Fire and Water shine and flow
By Sun and Earth I greet the day
Take you this gift now, as I go
Along my road, my path, my way.

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druidkirk said...

I also tend to fall into iambic pentameter - I guess I've done too much Shakespeare in my time.

Nice charm, Ian!