Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Coolest Thing I've Seen This Week

So, being a big geek, I really like(d) the fad for fake-o Harry Potter wands. (Please have a look at the coolest cheap way to make good toy wands here) I find the whole idea of wands with hilts and pommels wierd - to me a wand has always seemed like a straight rod, with whatever signs on it. But, the fad does offer some interesting ideas. There are dozens of internet wandmakers out there, but I've never seen one like Acme Wand Supply Ltd. Before proceeding, note the cowboy with the wand on the front page. From there have a look at the most elegant fake-o wands I've ever laid eyes on.
Almost enough to make me wanna invent occult uses for 'em... almost...

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