Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Druid's Breastplate

In response to Jason Miller's posting of the 'Breastplate of St Patrick', I thought I'd put up this Paganized version. My long-time readers will forgive me - they've seen this a lot. I use it as a general self-empowerment and protection charm. ceremonialists may notice the nod to the Bornless Ritual form in the central charge.

The Armoring
I gird myself with the Two Powers
The Deeps of the World’s Chaos
The Height of the World’s Order
And I between them, like the World Tree.

I gird myself with the power of the Magic Cauldron,
With the inspiration of the Fire of Magic,
With the love of the All-Mother
To draw all good to me.

I gird myself with the power of the Spirits -
The might of the Shining Ones,
The wisdom of the Ancestors,
The joy of the Elder Tribes,
All meet in my soul.

Today I gird myself
with the Elements of the World.
The stars behind my eyes
My thoughts the clouds
The sun my face,
Cool moonlight my mind,
My breath the wind,
The sea my blood
My hair the green bounty,
My flesh the warm soil,
Eternal stone my bones.
All the world is in me,
and I am in the world.

I gird myself
With my Goddesses’ power to direct me,
With my Gods’ wisdom to bear me up
Their eyes to watch over me
Their ears to hear me
Their voices to speak to me
Their hands to open my ways
Their shield to ward me

From the snares of spirits,
From peril by Land,
from peril by Sea,
from peril by Sky,
From all who wish me ill,
far or near.

Let these Powers be upon me and in me, to make me equal to any challenge, to come between me and all that threatens my body or my spirit; that I may have the wisdom of the Wise, the Love of the Loving, the Power of the Powerful; that I may be known, and with honor, in the Inner Realms. Know me, O Mighty, Noble and Shining Ones, for my name is _______.

Power above me,
Power below me,
Power on my right hand,
Power on my left hand
Power before me.
In every eye, In every ear,
In every mouth, in every heart,
My magic is established.

I gird myself with ninefold magic,
The Fire, the Well, the Tree,
The Land, the Sky, the Sea,
The Gods, the Dead, the Sidhe
Dwell with me and in me,
So be it!


Jason Miller, said...


Excellently done.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is awesome!