Monday, November 24, 2014

The Big Book, and the Little Big Book; Last Minute Offer!

Attention shoppers! Regular readers here will know that I have assembled a great pile of my ritual, trance and teaching work into a single Great Book (Leabhar Mór). For the past couple of years I have offered several editions of the content. Rather than producing a ‘limited run’ and selling them from my home, I have simply limited the time of availability. Leaving aside the degree that such an item might ever by ‘collectible’, it at least makes it rare and unique.

The seasonal offer has ended on the full-sized, Wizard-Book edition, this one bound in plain black linen with gold-stamped title on the spine, and with a dust-jacket.

I am still offering a paperback edition, in novel-format size, at 700 pages. This edition preserves all the art and text of the larger edition, but is entirely more forgiving for airline or backpack travel. I wanted one myself, so you can have one too.

The offers will stay in place at their regular prices in my Lulu catalog at least until the turn of the secular year. After that the big hardback will disappear forever, I think.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

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