Sunday, April 26, 2015

Official - moved to Patheos

My first (and very introductory) post is up at Patheos, and future stuff from me will appear there. I'm leaving this blog open as an archive, while I repost the top articles (judged by poplarity, or by me) in the new joint.
If you've enjoyed my work here, do follow me over. Forgive the ads - the wife is retiring : ).
New blog here:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Changing Tides

The Spring spring was wound down tight by the weight of 30" of February glacier, but it has finally sprung! We've been able to get out into the flooded woodland of Tredara, and get the fun... uh, work... started.
 The gradual thaw has left the place fairly workable, and our rush to put gravel on the roads at the end of last season is paying off. I've got mud on the tractor, and lots more to come

One of the central tasks of developing our new acreage is the building of our outdoor Nemeton worship space. In imitation of the Brushwood Nemeton, which I have helped to design over the years, we have arranged our new space with Eidola of the Earth Mother and the Keeper of the Sacred Center ('Gatekeeper') in places of permanent honor. These two gods are offered to at every rite, asked to uphold the sacred space and guide the work.
The Eastern porch, with Well and Bile (World Tree), and now the shrines of
the Mother of the Land and the Lord of Wisdom

We are very pleased and proud to enshrine carvings done exclusively for us by Sidney Bolam of Bohemian Hobbit Studios. She worked from sketches by me, and so it's a bit of my own art mingled with her excellent execution.

Here's the real news. 
This blog is moving to the Patheos platform! I'll admit to being pleased and flattered to be asked (by Jason Mankey) to be part of the Pagan blogging team on what is, I think, the largest religion-topics portal on the web.

I expect the topic list to be mainly unchanged, though I will put some greater effort into producing 'essays' rather than just rambling on about my life and stuff. This is going to mean a period of confusion (for me at least) as the switch is made. I'm not transferring content from here, so the old archive will remain, though I will post the top-twenty posts from here over the first months, along with new material. We're about to hit the traditional working-not-writing part of my year, so having reposts will be helpful.

I hope my readers here will follow me over to this fun shiny new building. I'll be keeping stuff coming. More detail in a week or so...