Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Healing Cup of Brigid

Have a pleasing wine-glass or chalice, filled with your preferred drink. Place it upon this sigilprinted or drawn with its versicle. On one side place a lit candle, on the other a glass of Water 

Calm your heart and prepare yourself with whatever bit of ritual you prefer, then begin by composing the vision…

See, above you, first, the Great Hearth of the Heavens…Perfect and precise, yet true for you… as you see it… 

A great open space, clean and neat, with a warm, well-kept fire in the center…

The light of that fire reaches out…Toward you, as a ray of red-gold light… That reveals a shining figure… Of the Goddess…

Behold Her in vision, bathed in Firelight…Brigid of the Healing, dressed in clean white robes…Bearing in her two hands a radiant cup… a chalice… a Quaich…Filled with a steaming brew… Made of herbs and magic…That is Brigid’s Divine Medicine

Let the vision of the Cup-Bearer grow clear in your mind…Be reflected in your heart…

As you invoke:

Brigid of the Hearth-Fire, Brigid of the Forge

Brigid of the Fire of Inspiration Send me your cup!

Brigid above me; Brigid below me;

Brigid on every hand around me;

Brigid, grant me your Blessing.

Bríd thuas linn, Bríd thíos linn, 

Bríd maidir linn; Bríd inár gcroí 

(Breezh hoo-uhs lin, breezh heeuhs lin,

breezh mahjir lin, breezh inor cree)

and make a simple offering to Brigid.

Brigid of the Healing, Heart of Physicians, 

Who heals by Fire’s light. Who heals by Water’s Might

Who makes all pure, bear the Draft to (me)

Cup of Brigid, come in!

Cup of Brigid, Bear the Draft!

Cup of Brigid, bring the medicine of the Goddess of healing!

To this Blessed cup

Upon this Blessed cup

With this Blessed cup

For the relief of infection

For the relief of fever

For the relief of illness

By the Power of Brigid

By the Beauty of Brigid

By the Triple Mercy of Holy Brigid

And the Grace of Brigid’s Cup.

In wisdom, Love & Power, so be it!

And behold the Power flow into the drink upon the sigil, in whatever way is true and real for you. Drink reverently, and with a calm heart.