Friday, September 2, 2011

To Conjure the Court of Brigid

Here's a simplified rite of calling for the spirits of the Court of Brigid. I'm rendering the sigils even now, but it will still take some time to get them nicely ready. When they are ready I'll be making a small grimoire of the whole working available, probably free for the first minutes, so watch this space. In the meantime anyone can render sigils from Fionn's Widow if you know the system or make reduction sigils of the spirit's name if you wish.

Step one would be to conjure each one in turn (or whichever one of them is interested in) and ask them for some specific charms or methods by which their power can be used.

Once you have performed the Court of Brigid sacrifice, and gained the Blessing of the Goddess and the Three Powers, you can contact one of the Courtiers through this rite. Those with a relationship with the Goddess Brigid might be able to use this rite alone, but working the full sacrifice is recommended.
Prepare the sigil of the Courtier, perhaps written on clean paper, perhaps carved in wood or clay, if you wish a more permanent fetish. Set this amidst your hallows where it will be visible, in a way that you can set offerings before it.

The Rite: • Find your basic trance, and attune to the Two Powers
• Offer to the Fire, Well & Tree, saying:

Mother of All, Let this Well be blessed.
First Father, kindle magic in this Fire.
Let this Tree be the Crossroads of All Worlds,
That the Sacred Grove may be established.

• Sprinkle all from the Well, and cense from the Fire, saying:
By the might of the Waters
And the Light of the Fire,
This Grove is made whole and holy.

• Make an offering into the Fire, and say:
Keeper of Gates, aid me to open the Ways.
• With your work hand (or wand) make a welcoming spiral over the Fire, saying:
By Land, Sky and Sea;
By Gods, Dead & Sidhe;
By Fire, Well & Tree;
Let the Gate be open!

• Turn once deasil, saying:
So the Way is opened and this place is claimed. Let no ill or harm come to me and mine, and Wisdom, Love and Power flow to me through this gate. So be it!
Pause and open the Inner Eye.
• A short invocation to the Kindreds, with a simple offering, can be done if this is being done formally at the shrine:
Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe
Powers of Land and Sky and Sea
A gift I give, from me to thee
Come and lend your aid to me.
• Prepare an offering and invoke Brigid, saying:
Brigid of the mantles, Brigid of the hearth fire,
Brigid, friend of mortals, Brigid, fire of magic
Brigid the foster mother, Brigid woman of wisdom.
Brigid the daughter of Danu, Brigid the triple flame.
Kindle your flame in my head, heart and loins,
Send me your cup, your harp, your forge,
That I may speak with the spirits of your Court,
All in your honor, Brigid font of blessing.
So I call you, Brigid an Ardhaon, High one.
Receive this offering!
Offering is given Brigid above me, Brigid below me,
Brigid at every airt about me.
Brigid in my truest heart
Bríd thuas linn, Bríd thíos linn, Bríd maidir linn;
Bríd inár gcroí
• Prepare an offering to the Tri Cumhachtai, saying:
In the power of Brigid na Ardhaon
I call to the Servants of Brigid.
I call to the Clairseach Bríd - the Harp of Brigid.
teacht, cumhacht, teacht, de réir ainm Bríd

I call to the Cupán Bríd - the Cup of Brigid.
teacht, cumhacht, teacht, de réir ainm Bríd

I call to the Casúr Bríd - the Hammer of Brigid.
teacht, cumhacht, teacht, de réir ainm Bríd
Oh great Servants of the High One, answer this calling.
To you, O Noble Ones, I make this offering.
Fáilte a chur roimh, trí Cumhachtaí Bríd.

Come to my call, and accept my sacrifice!
Final offering is given, with meditation on the presence of Brigid. An omen could be taken to determine whether the goddess is favorably disposed to the work.
Now I call out to the Courtier of Brigid named (spirit’s name).
I call in the name of Brigid an Ardhaon, by the nine given gifts and the threefold blessing. By the Harp and Hammer and by the Cup I call you, to come to my Grove.
O spirit
(spirit’s name) O Noble One
I call to you by Well and Fire and Tree
Draw near, and come in peace, I bid you now,
Take you this gift, O
(spirit) come to me! (Make the offering) When the spirit has arrived, greet it saying perhaps:
Welcome (spirit), to my fire in peace. Welcome without harm or deceit and in the name of Brigid.
I would ask a boon.
I would work my will,
Whether you are sent or you can send another spirit.
(state intention clearly and specifically)
Do this for me and I will give to you due offering.
This can be repeated, often three times. After each repetition, open your Inner Eye to the Courtier, and seek a response, conversing as is useful. Can the Courtier accomplis the work? Can she find an agent who can? What are your specific needs? – include a time-based deadline if you need to. If you like, use a simple divination to see whether your visions are true or just to communicate with the Courtier. After three repetitions, you may spend some time communing with the Courtier. When you feel sure that the work will be done, thank the Familiar, saying something like:
Depart now, my friend, O (spirit’s name), and remember your oath, complete the charge I have given you, with harm to none, and come again at the proper time, or whenever I might call you, and I will make to you due offering.
• A Short Closing
• Let bound be bound and wound be wound;
Thus all is done, and done, and well done,
And thus I end what was begun.

Make a banishing spiral over the Fire, saying:
• The sacred center has held well,
Now, by Tree and Fire and Well,
Let this gate be closed!
• To the Three Holy Kindreds I give my thanks.
To the Keeper of Gates I give my thanks.
To the Mother of All I give my thanks.
Let wisdom, love and power
kindle in all beings
And the Ancient Wisdom be renewed.
The rite is ended, so be it!


M.C. said...

Seriously cool Ian. Just ordered Sacred Fire Holy Well and The Book of Summoning, cant wait to dive in

Riverton Witch said...

beautifully written ritual, and a very interesting format, thank you for sharing it