Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Candelo's Corner Interview

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be interviewed by Tata Candelo Kimbisa on his internet radio show Candelo's Corner this coming Monday, 2/18 at 8 pm.

(The show went great, and if you missed it, you can hear the podcast here.)
I've always been interested in  African Traditional Religions, having made a youthful study of Voudoun and later learned a bit about Ifa and Santeria. In recent years a bit of information about the Palo systems has begun to be accessible to English-language readers and I've been diving in. I greatly admire the continuity of the African systems in the New World. Despite various cultural interruptions and opressions it seems to me that the connections with the spirits have been well-maintained.
The longer our Paganism  makes the offerings to the spirits, our clockwork seasonal rites bringing our gifts to the Fire and Well, the more ready I think we become to experience them more directly, to hear and see them, and to bring them to our rites in ways beyond the merely conceptual. The spirit-arte techniques that I've been working with are just the start.
I intend to talk about some of that with the Tata, along with whatever topics he's interested in. Do tune in!

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firewoman said...

I think that is why I am so attracted to voodoo...it is unbroken. It's changed certainly from it's African roots, but it has morphed and evolved to fit the times it finds itself in, but still maintains those old connections. Yay!